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November 29, 2012
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Scheherazade and the Hash Djinn by vinhnyu Scheherazade and the Hash Djinn by vinhnyu
I was inspired by 1001 arabian nights stories.

You can buy the print from the options in the upper right side of this page. It could be a nice xmas gift for you and 1-2 dollars for me!

If you have a Facebook account, you can like my page to follow my news and my sketches here: [link]
It's also the last days to vote for my illustration with a LIKE for a contest so I can win 100, thanks in advance: [link]
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Daily Deviation

Given 2012-12-12
The gorgeous design and the intricate level of detail make Scheherazade and the Hash Djinn by *vinhnyu a mysterious and alluring artwork! ( Suggested by Nyiana-sama and Featured by rydi1689 )
My only critique is that the demon does not fir the rest of the piece. The style used to create the demon just doesn't blend well with the rest of the piece, unfortunately.

Other than that this piece is wonderful.
Thanks, I didn't want to blend it actually. I purposely tried to make him out of the frame!
What I meant by blend is that the style that you used to create the demon doesn't match the rest of the imagery. I apologize if that's what you were trying to explain earlier, but I wanted to make sure my point was clear.
The detain on this is amazing. Your really good.
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Such an extravagant piece and character; there's not only Arabian/Persian flavours in overall styling & concept but also from various sources be that Eastern or Western (Hints of Dark Fantasy motifs are seen in the book's intricate decor and the supplementary mix of white gold trimmings and soft ruffles for her fitted outfit). The hasish djinn's comical design adds a light-hearted element to the overall haze.

Scheherazade(?)'s playful demeanour and healthy curves are also great enough but major high points in mapping out the background's Arabesque fabrics to help complement her mystique and dreamlike atmosphere. Also love how you realized her eyes having unique ring-based catchlights which blends smoothly with the irises' fuchsia hue and her sharp focus on the 1001 stories, it's very hypnotic and finalizes her as a powerful force. :star::heart::star:
Anyways a very amazing piece with an eclectic richness and soulful expression. Thank You Very Much for this! :iconoldschoolownedplz:
Thanks for such a detailled comment. It was a pleasure to read!
You're Most Welcome, this is such a powerful artwork & character. Keep it up! :iconpolitebowplz:

*goes back to being captivated by the overall wholesomeness of the art & especially her eyes*
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